4k Storm: Sony a7s + Atomos Ninja Assassin / by Christopher Durbin

Finally! My first real edit in 4K. I upgraded to a Mac Pro last year and have been waiting to put those dual graphics cards to use. I'm happy to report that they handled the job quite well. I didn't keep track of rendering times, but I will attempt to in the future. The video of above is a random collection of clips recorded during a spring storm last week. My wife and I took a trip to a parking garage down the street to seek shelter from the hail that never came. Aside from capturing some 4K footage, I was also testing James Miller's Sony a7s DeLUT pack when applied BEFORE recording via the Atomos Ninja Assassin. I was particularly interested in the sLog2 -sLog3 LUT as it would deliver an even flatter image. I'll be doing more extensive testing comparing multiple LUTs and picture profile settings in the near future. I don't intend to deliver any upcoming projects in 4K, but the ability to crop and convert to 2K is very appealing. I once again used Color Finale and finally feel as though I'm getting the hang of grading via scopes and curves. I enjoy using LUTs for finding a quick "look", but I think I enjoy crafting my own more. I recently downloaded a few new synth plugins for Logic and Garage Band and played around with those resulting in the soundtrack above. More soon!